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Chartier Stables is a full service, year round, family owned and operated farm that offers superb daily equine care at an affordable cost.

Our farm was built on 200 acres of green pastures, woods and trails. We are home to many riders and horses of different disciplines and breeds, and all are welcome to our farm.


History & Mission

Chartier Stables was established in 1930 by Stanley Chartier as a riding stable for folks to come with their friends and family and rent horses for the day. He bought the nearly 200 acres of land from his father in law and started building the barns and fence immediately. It was also a place to gather at night and on the weekends for get-togethers and socializing. As the years passed, renting horses phased out and more people were starting to buy and own horses.

Today, we are a boarding facility that offers leasing and lessons. The same Chartier family still owns and operates the farm, and they still value the same key aspects that Stanley did back in 1930 when first starting the farm; To share our love and passion for horses with others.

Our Team

The key to offering the best care possible for your horses is having A team of educated personnel and years of experience

To our advantage, Chartier Stables has both of these key ingredients. On top of maintaining our farm for almost a hundred years, we are proud to have the best team around! The equine industry and equine business are unlike any other, based on the simple fact that horses need to eat and they need care every day! On top of having two farm managers and a nutrition specialist, we have two farm hands that have extensive backgrounds with equine care and facility management.

Plus, an onsite security guard to watch over our horses property at night, on holidays and every other time of the year. Our barn manager and nutritionist are both educated from the top two Veterinary Universities in the Nation, with bachelor degrees in Animal Science, emphasizing in Equine Science. And off site, we have a loyal insurance company who backs our operations, in case of the unexpected.

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